Crafty Pants

Ooooooh Pretty!

My daughter and I put our crafty pants on today and made some soap. Oh my soul! This was so fun! We went simple and used glycerin soap, dried rose petals, colorant, and geranium essential oils. Simple, fun and safe. You can get your glycerin soap, molds and colorant supplies here on Amazon.

This recipe couldn’t be more simple. I would suggest an adult should cut the soap into small squares. I chose this task because although I’m not always handy with sharp objects; there wasn’t anyone more adultier than me in the room.


Gather your materials and your happy helper!

  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Glass bowl
  • Glycerin melt and pour soap
  • Colorants
  • Essential oils (I now use Plant therapy)
  • Flower petals
  • Soap molds


This picture does not show the glycerin block very well but it is a 1 lb block.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils


  1. Cut the block of soap into cubes and place them into the glass bowl.
  2. Place the glass bowl into the microwave at full power. The goal is to melt the cubes of soap. It’s best to do this in 30-second increments, stirring between each time.
  3. While that is heating set your acrylic molds on a cookie sheet
  4. When the soap is melted and stirred, add your colorants and your essential oils to the glass bowl.
  5. Pour your soap into the molds half full and then place your flower petals in the liquid, finish by filling each mold until full.
  6. Make sure flower petals are completely covered in soap.
  7. Place cookie sheet on a level place in your freezer.


Check your soaps in about 45 minutes. They should be hard and beautiful!

Keep your soaps cool! If they melt, you will have to either freeze them or start all over again depending on the damage.