Most Unique Dog Names

We’ve had some amazing dog names over the years. Sweet Pea, Bojangles, Maximus, Princess, King George, drover, jebe, and Sparkles. We are however in search of a new dog name for a boy.


Prerequisites in a name; Unique, rare, interesting and easy to call out. Also, you don’t want something embarrassing while you’re saying it. Nobody wants to be screaming “doody” at the park while calling their dog. So onto the fun!


  1. Mr. Bojangles
  2. King George
  3. Alabaster
  4. Mr. Darcy
  5. Mr. Bingsley
  6. Succotash
  7. Worcestershire
  8. Jeeves
  9. Thor
  10. Moses
  11. Snippet
  12. Nubbins
  13. Any of the seven dwarves
  14. Prince Charming
  15. Mallet
  16. Hawkeye
  17. Boyl
  18. Endrematis
  19. Kippley
  20. Mr. Rogers
  21. Happy Pants
  22. Sneaker
  23. pipsy
  24. Pugsley
  25. Grimsley
  26. Gatorbug
  27. Misnomer
  28. Poppa John
  29. LoveBug
  30. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  31. Pooh Bear
  32. Fitzwilly
  33. Curious George
  34. Purple
  35. Pouncy
  36. Napolean
  37. Ernest Hemingway
  38. Jumanji
  39. Mascot
  40. Jiminy


  1. Persia
  2. Princess Leia
  3. Daisy Duke
  4. Winifred
  5. Penelope
  6. Ms. Austin
  7. The Misses
  8. Lucille Ball
  9. Honeymoon
  10. Frosty
  11. Genie
  12. Bewitched
  13. Buffy
  14. Cranberry
  15. Sassy Pants
  16. Cinderella
  17. Bette Davis
  18. Tinkerbelle
  19. Tinkersmell
  20. Tinker Toy
  21. Gizelle
  22. Pajamas
  23. Prissy
  24. Poker Face
  25. Esmerelda
  26. Noodle
  27. Momma Bear
  28. Bambi
  29. Pollyanna
  30. Darby
  31. Wonder Woman
  32. Fantasia
  33. Andalusia
  34. Stinker Butt
  35. Ms. Lovelace
  36. Amaryllis
  37. Dandy
  38. Tulips
  39. Merryweather
  40. Flower


There you have it! Have fun with this and feel free to comment and add to the list!


Give A “Brownie” About Yourself

Curse words are lockbox words at my house.

Since I don’t want to contribute to the lockbox fund, Let’s use “brownie” and “tomfoolery” for all intense purposes.

I’m that girl, you know the one who wakes up all smiley, perky, jovial, bouncy, animated and vivacious! The person who won’t let you sleep because I’M ready to start my day with you! Mornings are all about ME, selfishly so. I’ll make everyone coffee and breakfast if they want it.

Okay, let’s be real!

I bug them until they take it and LIKE it! I tend to worsen the mood of people already suffering morning woes.

Why aren’t you smiling? tends to tip these unicorny, (new word) bright, sunshiny days into an icy direction.

The joy continues until 2ish in the afternoon when my enthusiasm begins to wane a bit.

By 10 p.m., I hate your face.

No more questions. I don’t want to review your homework. Tucking the kids in at night?

Sure! But their book needs to be a 10 page maximum, minimal words.

Prayers best kept short and to the point. A Superfluous of exasperation releases if you ask my opinion on anything. Please God, don’t show up in my room looking for a meaningful conversation or to talk about intense feelings.

Snuggle? Absolutely, but don’t talk and keep breathing to a minimum.

Don’t call in the middle of the night. My phone is set on vibrate, on purpose.

Unless body fluid is involved. Blood trumps everything.


I’m an EMT, so I’m good in a crisis. My, at home cool demeanor is slightly different.I try to slink off to my room before the witching hour of social ineptness rears it’s rather ugly head. I know my limitations and don’t wish to inflict others. In an effort to thwart this, I have tried a few remedies.

Tea with a smile? Nope.

Sink into a movie? Negative Ghost Rider. I usually find myself waking up halfway through the movie telling the t.v. to“ hush it”.

Exercise at night? I’ll skip the lockbox fee again and ask; Who does this tomfoolery after dark? Notice exercise only becomes tomfoolery when I’m too tired to participate.

I am a mom of 12 children cleverly disguised as 5. I know it must be 12 because of the number of “tomfoolery” birthdays and holiday dishes. Even though most of them no longer live with me, we are still very active in each other’s lives. So, it’s important to me to be the best version of myself. In this effort, I have found a few things that improve my nighttime nasty.

I began to eat mostly organic. My ultimate goal is to grow my own organic. I’ll revert you back to my children and job on finding time for that. In the meantime, I use Thrive Market. Organics delivered to your door! In the afternoons, I get outside and walk. The fresh air and sunshine help kick the afternoon blahs.


I started taking a supplement and loved it so much, I began to promote the product.

Le-Vel 2.0 This supplement is designed to be taken as a 1,2,3. Meaning; take your vitamins, drink your shake and wear your nutrition patch. I have a heart condition that disallows most stimulants. I have found though, that just a half a scoop of the shake every other day makes a big difference for me. My energy maintains, my moods chillax, and my pants don’t feel so tight. For those able to enjoy the entire Le-Vel 2.0 experience, it’s a game changer. I’ve had people tell me they have lost 4 sizes. Their energy is sustained. Their mood levels out and their concentration is kick-arse.


I avoided the lockbox again. Smooth Amber.

Anyway, talk to your doctor before starting any new vitamin or exercise routine, eat organic and walk, walk walk, preferably with a smile.